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ABC Recovery Center Now Accepts Medi-Cal

medi-cal_570-e1460502439367We now accept Medi-Cal. Beginning February 1, 2017 we began providing inpatient substance-use treatment (Detox and Residential) for individuals seeking services who have Medi-Cal in Riverside County. In order to qualify you must be screened by calling the SU Cares Line at the number provided below and request placement at ABC Recovery Center.

What is unique about this service is Riverside County is one of two counties in the nation who are part of a pilot program aimed at combatting substance-use and the Opioid Epidemic. What makes this pilot special is organizations like ABC Recovery Center, who have historically been unable to provide many services because of monetary restraints such as Medication Assisted Treatment and Medication Assisted Detox Management under the care of physicians, are now available to provide coverage for individuals with Medi-Cal in Riverside County. If you would liked to be screened to see if you qualify, please call the SU Cares Line at 1-800-499-3008.

For additional questions, please call us at (760) 342-6616.