Drug Detoxification

ABC Recovery Center offers a full service of Drug detoxification program for men and women over the age of 18. The process begins with a pre-screening interview conducted by a member of our staff to determine the potential patient’s status and to gather information about the appropriateness for various levels of care. Upon arrival at the center, each individual receives an assessment of condition and need. In many cases clients are referred to a local doctor who can assess and treat them concurrent with the detoxification episode.

Drug Detoxification is customized for each individual. Once admitted, new patients move into ABC’s detoxification facility to become stabilized. For three to ten days each patient is monitored closely. Vital signs are measured every few hours. The ABC Center staff is on twenty-four hour duty to help new patients through this vital step in their recovery.

Each new patient is evaluated using the Addiction Severity Index, a recognized 23standardized diagnostic and evaluative instrument in the field of alcohol and drug abuse. Other assessment tools to help assess their circumstances are used as well. Our professional staff then develops for each person a customized patient treatment plan. Following detoxification the patient usually moves into one of the other ABC treatment programs.