Primary Residential Treatment

6Primary care is a 30 to 90-day intensive residential treatment program that immerses the patient in the recovery process. Patients live in one of the ABC Recovery residential facilities throughout this time. Primary care lays a strong foundation that prepares patients to achieve and maintain ongoing sobriety and to meet the challenges they will face when they have completed this program and return to the world outside treatment.

Every patient is assigned a therapist (Marriage and Family Therapist or Social Worker) and a primary counselor (Certified Addiction Counselor) who designs a personalized treatment plan based on a full assessment of their individual needs. All patients meet individually with their entire treatment team at least once a week. Patients participate in daily group therapy lead by a licensed therapist and receive individual counseling every week. Patients also participate in ongoing education sessions, experiential therapy, educational assessment, and relapse prevention programs. Patients are also introduced to 12-Step recovery by attending Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings and by becoming part of specialized groups that prepare them for maintaining life long sobriety.