Sober Living

3ABC Recovery Center provides sober living facilities for men, women and women with infants when they have completed their program and are leaving a residential treatment facility. Residents are provided a safe environment while they pursue new employment opportunities and start educational programs that will bolster their successful transition back to their community.

ABC has three sober living facilities that include beautiful patios and fountains, a six-room facility with private playground for new mothers and their children and six studio apartment-style double occupancy units that hold adults of both sexes and woman with children.

To qualify, participants must have completed a minimum of 30 days of in-house, residential primary care treatment and have a means of financial support. Sober living residents are required to work or go to school. They must pay rent and follow a strict set of 7rules designed to maintain their sobriety and to support the wellbeing and continued recovery of other transitional living patients. This program is ideal for those who are ready to take on some significant responsibilities in the community, but who feel more comfortable having the center’s resources close at hand.