• Detoxification:
    ABC Recovery Center offers a full service sub-acute detoxification program for men and women over the age of 18. Detoxification is customized for each individual.
  • Primary Residential Treatment:
    Primary care is a 30 to 90-day intensive residential treatment program that immerses the patient in the recovery process. Patients live in one of the ABC Recovery residential facilities throughout this time.
  • Perinatal Residential Program:
    ABC Recovery Center offers a perinatal program to meet the special needs of expectant mothers struggling with substance abuse. Mothers-to-be, in addition to receiving the same level of care as our other residential patients, receive important added benefits of this specialized program.
  • Individualized Day Treatment:
    This program is used as a transition from primary residential treatment. Qualified patients live in one of our five two-person transitional living studio bungalows located adjacent to our outpatient facility. Patients in this program attend a customized schedule of daily outpatient groups.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program:
    ABC Recovery Center’s Outpatient program is four months long and meets three to five nights a week. The program is based on the highly researched Matrix Model curriculum. The program involves group and individual counseling, video lectures, family participation groups and relapse prevention.
  • Sober Living:
    ABC Recovery Center provides transitional living facilities for men, women and women with infants when they have completed their program and are leaving a residential treatment facility.
  • Drug Rehab:
    When people think of a drug rehab center, it often brings negative connotations to the purpose of such institutions. This has a destructive effect on how future patients see the possibility of seeking help at a drug rehab center and obtaining such help.
  • Drug Addiction Treatment Center:
    The drug addiction treatment center rehab program’s that have been developed by ABC Recovery, are among the most sophisticated and professional programs available in the USA today.
  • Alcohol Rehab:
    Alcohol rehab is one of the most popular drug addiction treatments available in the world. The main reason for this is because alcohol has a very quiet way of turning into an addiction without the patient realizing that things are turning out of control.
  • Substance Abuse Rehab Treatment:
    The main purpose of a substance abuse rehab treatment centre, is to provide a safe, professional and welcoming environment for those who need the help of experts in order to treat their addiction.