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Tips for Sober Celebrations during the Halloween Season


Halloween is coming up soon. If you’re newly in recovery, thinking of sober ways to celebrate may challenge your Halloween spirit. While you probably have been used to going to parties, bars or night clubs; now the challenge is to find other sober activities. Here are some celebration ideas for the Halloween season that will help keep you on the path of sobriety:

1. Be a Host

If you’re wanting to be involved at a Halloween party, the easiest way to ensure your recovery is by throwing your own. While you might think people won’t want to come to a party without alcohol, you’d be surprised. Family, close friends, friends with little kids, friends who are into fitness, and people concerned with their health often don’t care about alcohol at parties or gatherings.

2. Pumpkin Carving

Set up an evening where everyone goes to the pumpkin patch or your local store to pick out pumpkins. Afterwards, everyone can carve them together. Make sure to have lots of tools and equipment needed for carving. Usually this happens before Halloween, but it can also happen on Halloween night.

3. Halloween Movie Night

Invite some friends over, heat up some popcorn, and have a scary movie festival of you own. Watching scary movies with friends is always fun. This is an easy and low cost option for Halloween.

4. Decorate your house for trick-or-treaters

Make your house the spookiest house on the block. The neighborhood kids will love it. It’s not too late to go all out! See if you can make your house the one that everyone is talking about.

5. Volunteer

Call some of our local non-profits to see if they need any volunteers to help with their halloween parties. You can also volunteer to take need kids trick-or-treating. These are great ways to stay involved with our community, participate in the festivities and to give back. Not only will you stay sober, you’ll go to bed feeling like you did something amazing.

So you see, there are many things to do during the Halloween season that don’t involve drinking or drug use. You just need to use your imagination.

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